Ankh by Deck13 Interactive

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Works with:Native Linux
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$41.08 Boxed from Stormfront Ventures (updated Sep 21st) Go

Egypt. A long, long time ago. After a forbidden party in a pyramid, young Assil gets struck by a horrible death curse. With just a few more hours to live, Assil has to find a way to talk to the only person who can now help him to remove this curse: the mighty pharaoh himself! During his wild adventure, Assil meets many strange and funny characters: the scary crocodile, the god of the underworld... and finally the woman of his dreams.

System Requirements:
Minimum: 1 Ghz processor; GF4/Radeon 8x00; 256 MB RAM, 1 GB of space on HD
Recommended: 2 Ghz processor; 512 MB RAM; GF 5x00 or better; Radeon 9500 or better
Linux system based on glibc 2.2 or better with X11 installed

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