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Cogs is an award-winning puzzle game. Immersed in a steampunk world with stunning visual design, Cogs players build an incredible variety of machines from sliding tiles. With 50 unique levels and three gameplay modes, we've packed in hours of entertaining, addictive fun.

Note: Users have reported running this on Native Linux. However I can't seem to find a way to obtain a Linux version other than installing Steam on WINE and then purchasing it through Steam. The authors apparently have a very negative attitude toward Linux. [See here: ]

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Not RecommendedSep 10th 2011
By an Ubuntu 10.04 user
The authors do not provide a Linux version for purchase/download.

Furthermore, they think all Windows users are computer-illiterate and all Linux users are pirates:

"Unfortunately, there are some implications to being a company with just two employees. The first implication is that I don't have nearly as much time to code as I would like to. Even if I had used OpenGL for the original version of Cogs, porting to Linux takes time. Secondly, to keep my little company afloat, I need to be practical in reaching audiences that can provide a revenue stream. Historically speaking, Linux users don't purchase a lot of games. That may be, in no small part, because they think all software should be free. And let's be honest -- since I distribute Cogs without any DRM, getting a pirated copy is trivial for a savvy Linux user." - Rob, Founder of Lazy 8 Studios

So don't waste $10 USD on this puzzle game.
RecommendedSep 1st 2011
By an Ubuntu 11.04 user
Cogs is one of the games in the recent Humble Bundle and I am loving it. If you love games that make you use your brain then I would highly recommend giving Cogs a try.

Cogs is a game that you can play over and over, trying to beat your previous time in completing each puzzle.
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