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Works with:Native Linux
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RecommendedSep 13th 2011
By a Linux user
I just got the full version in the mail today, and it's awesome. If you want a good thinking game, Mindrover is just what the doctor ordered. It's not Quake III, but it's tons of fun. ;)
Not RecommendedSep 13th 2011
By a Linux user
I got hooked on programming games a while back and Mindrover used to be one I really enjoyed. Mindrover was cool because it offered 3d arenas and graphical construction of your robot. But at the end of the day, all that effort you put into making the classy 3d engine will look dated eventually, and your game has to rely on core gameplay to stay current.

Unfortunately, the gameplay of Mindrover wasn't there the way it was with RoboWar, Robot Battle, RARS, TORCS, AI Fleet Commander, or many of the other games I tried at the time. There wasn't enough flexibility in designing my bots, and I missed the complete scripting languages of really heavyweight programming games. Just placing parts around was too simple and limiting.

In short I find the game too limited for most serious players, and too dated for most casual players.
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